Intentional Floor Sweep

Made by Venus Moon
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This herbal powder is perfect for sweeping away negativity and inviting in calm, open communication, protection, and all around happy vibes. Sprinkle the herbs around your space. Take time to meditate on the energies you want to invite in. Then sweep the mixture up while envisioning negativity being swept away. Your space will feel fresh and smell beautiful every time.

Floor sweeps are an amazing way to intentionally cleanse your home with out the use of smoke which some people or animals might be sensitive to. The 3oz batch makes the perfect trial size, stocking stuffer, or house warming gift for anyone interested in home and hearth magic. While the 18oz batch is perfect for those who regularly energetically cleanse their home.

Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt for Cleansing, Cedar for protection, Lemon Grass for communication, Orange Peel for love and abundance, Lavender for calmness, Catnip for good luck, and Hematite Gem Essence for grounding.