New Moon

This October, we will be blessed with a new moon tonight. It is a super moon but won’t be seen to close because it will be visible during the daytime. Even though, this is the best time to set your intentions.


During the new moon it will slowly grow until it is a full, then slowly start to wane again. Just like the moon we can start our own new cycle for our daily lives.


Get out your favorite crystals and herbs and find a quite spot for yourself to meditate. A cup of tea is also a great addition. Have something to write on and don’t be afraid to write down any thoughts that pop up.


If you decide to do your meditation at night light your favorite candle. You can write bad thoughts and emotions on a small slip of paper and light them with the candle. Physically letting go of them. Make sure to have a way to dispose of them safely (such as a metal bin.)


Finish off with a relaxing salt bath or essential oil bath. Grab some of ours here!

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