Magical New Year

Witchy Ways to Start off 2023 

For many, the beginning of a new year is a time for reflection and setting intentions. Whether you're an old pro or just getting started with magick, here are some easy ways to help set the tone for a beautiful new year. 

Magical New Year

Burning Sage

Burning sage is a great way to clear negative energy from your space and prepare for something new. It can be as simple as lighting up some dried sage, letting it smolder, and walking around your home wafting the smoke into all four corners of each room. Remember to go around your doorways and windows. As you do this, visualize all the negative energy leaving your home. Once you've finished, open up some windows to let that energy out and invite positive vibes in! 

Magical New Year

Setting Up an Altar

Creating an altar in your home is a wonderful way to keep focused on achieving those New Year's resolutions. An altar can be as elaborate or as basic as you'd like; make sure it contains items that have special meaning for you and represent what you're trying to accomplish in 2023. It could include pictures of family members, candles, crystals, incense—anything that has personal significance for you. Once it's all set up, take some time each day (or week) to sit at your altar and focus on what matters most—it's a great way to stay focused on achieving your goals!  

Magical New Year

Writing Spells & Intentions 

Another great way to start the year is by writing spells or intentions. This can be done in any format - bullet points, paragraphs, poems - whatever works best for you! You can use this to clarify what you want from 2023 - whether it be more joy or financial abundance - or any other intention that appeals to you. Once written out clearly and concisely, burn your spell/intention paper in a fireproof bowl or cauldron and watch as your goals become a reality! 

Creating Vision Boards 

Finally, creating vision boards provides a tangible way of seeing what we want from life. A vision board should include images and quotes representing what we desire most (i.e., success, wealth, etc.). This will serve as a reminder throughout the year of our ambitions and helps us stay focused on achieving them! 

Magical New Year

It's essential to start each year intentionally to ensure we head into the year with clarity and purpose. With these high-vibing ideas – burning sage, writing spells & intentions, creating vision boards – we can get ourselves ready for whatever this new year has in store! Happy New Year, witchy friends!


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