Libra Traits and Stones

Traits of Libras 

Our beloved Libras have many traits that make them unique. We love all signs but this week Libras get the attention!

Libras are known to be very fair a clever beings. While they are very social, they can be non-confrontational. Even so can be very diplomatic and are great mediators. They are also prone to overthinking. They are drawn to balance and kindness. They tend to avoid violence.


Stones for Libras


Ametrine is a good stone for balance which is very helpful for Libras. Bringing creativity and trust in their intuition.


Black Tourmaline

This stone is good for Libras because it can bring a feeling of peace to their sun sign. Helping them feel positive and relaxed. 


Tigers Eye

Having this gem in their collection will help Libras connect their outer and inner selves when out of balance. Bringing them to a more understanding point of view.  


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