Five uses of Selenite

This balancing crystal was given the name after the Goddess of the moon, Selene, and helps bring balance to our positive energy. The most loving and positive spirit can pick up on others negative thoughts and energies and selenite helps bring you a clearer mind and balanced aura.  

Selenite is not crystal that likes water but can be charged in the moon when needed. It can also be placed near the front door to keep you from bringing home any negative energies.


The most common way we use selenite is via the wand or stick to clear our spaces and our bodies. Selenite literally collects the negative energies from around us.


Selenite is also known for opening your crown chakra located at the top of your head and helps you communicate with your guardian angels for guidance and protection.


Lay this crystal on any sore or tight spots in your body to help relieve tension and energy blockages. Leave in the targeted area up to twenty minutes.


If you love jewelry this is a great crystal to cleanse it of those who handled it before and any negative energies it may have picked up on its journey to you.


Lastly and most impressive selenite can be used to transfer energy. To do this sit in a chair in a quiet space and put the crystal under your bare feet. Relax there for fifteen minutes and feel the energy flowing from the earth into you.

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